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Temperature -- A. B. C

The temperature grades are A {the highest}, B. and C, representing the ti re‘s resistance to the generation of heat and its ability to dissipate heat when tested under controlled conditions on a specified indoor laboratory tern wheel. Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tine life. and excessive temperature can lead to sudden tire failure. The grade C corresponds to a level of performance which all passenger car tires must meet Under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

No. 10-9. Grades E and A represent higher levels of performance on the laboratory test wheel than the minimum required by law.

Wanting: The temperature grade for this Lirr: is established for a tire that is properly inflated and not overloaded. Excessive speed. underint'lation. or excessive loading. either separately or in combination. can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance

The wheels on your vehicle were aligned and balanced carefully at the factory to give you the longest tire life and best overall performance.


Scheduled wheel alignment and wheel balancing are not needed. However1 if you rte-Lice unusual tire wear or your vehicle pulling one way or the other. the

align merit may need to he reset. If you notice your vehicle v ihrating when driving on a smooth road. your wheels may need to he rebalaneeil

Wheel Replacement

Replace any wheel that is bent, cracked, or hardly rusted or corroded. lf wheel nuts keep coming loose. the wheel. wheel bolts and wheel nuts should be replaced. it" the wheel leaks air. replace it {except some aluminum wheels. which can sometimes be repaired). See your dealer if any of these conditions exist.

Your dealer will know the kind of wheel you need.

Each new wheel should have the same load—carrying capacity, diameter, width. offset and be mounted the same way as the one it replaces.

it you need to replace as y of your wheels. wheel bolts or whee] nuts. replace them only with new GM original equipment pans. This way. you will he sure to have

the right wheel. wheel bolts and wheel nuts for your Buick model.

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