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After the times. have been rotated. adjust the front

and rear inflation presuureh ax shown on the Tire-Loading lnl'omtuliotl label. Make certain that all] wheel nuts are properly tightened. See “Wheel Nut Torque" in the index.

Rust or dirt on a wheel. or on the parts to which it is fastened. eon out he wheel nuts become loose after ll time. The wheel eould come MT and eauoe no accident. when you ehange a wheel. remove

any rust or dirt from places where the wheel attaches to the eehiele. in an emergency. you can use a cloth or a paper towel to do this: but be sure to use a eernper or wire hrush later. if you need to. to get all the rust or I:Ilrl‘. ufi'. {See “Changing ll Flat Tire" in the Indeml

When It‘s Time for New Tires

{)ne wag.- lo tell when ir'a time [or new tires. is to cheek li'lL‘ lreedweu: indicators. which will appear when your [inn he 'u'e only me inch {LEI mm] or Jere: of tread remaining.

You need a new fire item; of The following statements


0 You eon wee the indieulln’x at IJ'Jree or more piilCL‘h around rhe tire.

0 You eun. nee cord or fabric allowing through the iiIU-h rubber.

O The trend or xidewull ix crooked. cut or mugged deep enough to Show cord or fabric. I The tire he.» :I bump. bulge or aplit.

O The lire hue a puncture. out or other damage that eun't he repaired well hceouso ot' the size or location ol' the damage.


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