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When to Cheek Check your tires once a month or more.

Don't l‘nrgel your compact spare tire. It thuld be ill; fin psi1’42l] l-tPni.

How to Check

Use a good quality pocket-type gage to cheek tire presaure. You L'nn't tell if your tiroi-i are properly inflated simply h} looking n1 them. Radial tires me}- look properly inflated even when they're underinflnted.

Eu: sure in pul the vulva (:an hack th'l the vulw: stems. They help prevent leaks by keeping on! dirl and moisture.

Tire lnspeetion and Rotation

Tires should he rotated every 6.000 to H.1Kl-Umiles till} OfiO to [3 00d kmi. Any time you notice lJlllJtilJitl Wear. rotate your time as soon as possible and cheek wheel alignment. Alxn check for damaged lire-s. (1r wheels. See "When It's Time for New Tires" and “Wheei Replacement" Enter in thie section for

more ini'onnation.


The purpose ni'regular notation is to achieve more uniform wear for :11] tirex on "112 vehicle. The first I'nlnllon i5 U11: meet Irnporlunl. Ste "Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Index for scheduled rotation intervals.

When rotating. your tires. always.- one the Correct rotation pultern shown here.

Don't include the compact spare tin: in your tire rotation.

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