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II Undeflnfiated tires pose the same danger as overloaded tires. The resulting aoeident could cause serious injury. Check all tires Frequently to maintain the recommended pressure. Tire preasure should be checked when your tlrea are ooid.

fleet-Inflated tires are more likely to he cut, punctured or broken by a sudden impact -- such as when you hit a pothole. Keep tires at the recommended pressure. Worn. old tires can cause accidents. If your tread is badly worn. or if your tires have been damaged, replace them.

Inflation -- Tire Pressure

The Tire-Loading Informau'on label, which is on the rear edge of the driver's door. shows the correct inflation pressures for your tires when dtey' re cold.

“Cold“ means your vehicle has been sitting for at least

mree hours or driven no more than I mile {Lo tum.

_—————————— 6-39

Don’t let anyone tell you that under-Inflation or overinl'lation in all right. It‘s not. Hyour tires don't have enough air {underinfiation}, you can get the following:

0 Too much flexing o Too much heat Tire overloading

Had wear llad handling Bad fuel economy.

If your time have too much air toyermi' lotion}. you can get the following:

I Unusual wear

I Bad handling

I Rough ride

I Needless damage from mad hazards.

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