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Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Replacement blades come in different types and are removed in diffs mm ways. Here'h how to renun-c the type Iwith F. 1:13:15: hair:

l. Pull the Windshield wiper arm away from the windshield.

2. Insert a small screwdriver into me ha]: (m and pull the blade assembly ol'i' Ihc wiper 31111 {B r.


3. Put-sh me new wiper hlodo securely on the wiper :ern.

For the proper windshield wiper blade rcplnccmcnt [origin and type. HL‘L’ “Nu-rrnni Maintenance Repiacemenl Pants" in the. Index.


Your new vehicle corner; with high-quaiity tiles made by .‘1 loading tin: monuincturor. If you Ct-‘El’ have quenliuns about your lire warranty and where to obtain sorvice, see your Buick Warranty booklet For dotaiis.

Poorly mnintainod and improperly used lit-es fll‘t' dangerous. I Overloading your tires can muse

overheating me it result of too much friction. You could have an air-om and a serious accident. SEE “Loading Your Vehicle" in the Index.

CAUTION: {Continued}

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