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. Check the horizontal aim {CI and adjust as name-tent The horizutttal aiming device is lecated (in the inboard Sid: fit. each lamp. T‘Lu-n the hurieental aiming

screw (DJ until the screw aligns with the zero "D“.

For the vertical adjustan state inspection stations generally 1ivill allow a reading of plus 1116 degrees or minus [1'36 degrees item the center of the bubble.

If you find that the headlamp aiming needs adjusnnent. folluw these steps:

Adjustment screws can be turned with an E3 Tflrfim socket 01' T15 The: screwdriver:

4. Reeheck the vertical aim {A} in make sure it is still correct after the horizuntal aim adjustment. Re- adjust as necessary.

i. Locate the vertical aiming screw {B} that is directly behind the headlamp assembly.

2. Tum the vertical aiming screw until the bubble inside the level {A} is centered at zero '1)".


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