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5. RePluc: lb: bulb and rm'rrh'u Iht: steps ln inulull ll'Iu new bulb assembly.

Rear Turn Signals



['Jprn lhu trunk. Tum I111: uL'ruw m [bu Icl'l [counlercluckwisel located just inside of the: trunk and rcrntwu.

Pull the carpal away l'mm IJ'H: rum area 1:: access lhr: tum signal bulb assembly.

. Turn the bulb socket fine—quarter turn to the left

lcnunlercluukwise}. while pressing It firmly. Pull the bulb socket straight (ml of the assembly. Rumour: the [sld bulb hy pulllng it Htralgl‘ll DUI.

Replace with a new bulb by pushing 1hr: bulb straight mm the sucket until the bulb clicks into place.

. Turn lhl: bulb sucker fine—quarter turn into The

Elli sembly In luck it back into place.

Renters-u Step; ] lhruugh 3 Ln ruinl-iLlill the bulb use mhly.

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