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Cnruering Lamps.

Follow Lhu same procedure: as used l'nr rtplacing Lhe headhunpx. Huwever. to rcmm-e the cumming lamp bulb. turn “14: hulh assembly In lhc left :mumcrcloukmscl and pull :hL- bulb HITuight um.

Trunk Muunted Back-Up and Tailiamps

3. Pull 1.1th the HHHEI‘I‘Ib!}'.

l. Lumen and mum: the Eight lusteners [t‘nur pm- aide] mat hold me ussemhly :n place The assault-lg; for [11'th wider; i5 um! plaice. Th: cnlin: place Intuit Inc removed m rcplucc any hulhh.

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