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5. FUN lhl: labs away fmm the bulb [14'th [n [frr'luvf lhu bulb J'mrn the retainer.

f1. Push the new hull‘l sll'iliglu unlu- lhc retainer.

7". Revemc 1110a? thth 1n mpldxe 1hr: bull: Hhfitmhiy.

F rnnt Turn Signal

The hunt ILIrn hignu] 1111th can hr accefiml fl'nm umle: lib: {er: Ul'1hl: which. Reach up r'rnm under the i-‘El'liL'LC and. WM]: puxhing in 1113 nah on “In! hulh :Lfiatlubly. turn :mscmbh— 1n the Jrfr [CULII‘téI'LfIUCI-‘WHC J EUILI I‘emmc. Rumm‘c the UM hulh hy pulling II: 'Ill'diglli Ulll M 111:: ruluiner. Replace the hull} and turn [Ilt‘ hull-I Lmumbly hilL'lx inm plque

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