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Brake Wear

Your whole has. front dine broken and rear drum brakes.

Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators that make a high-pin: hed warning sound when the brake

pads are worn and new pads are needed. The sound may earn: and go or be heard all the time your vehicle is moving [except when you are pushing on the brake

pedal ti rnlly}.

The brake wear warning sound means that soon your brakes won‘t work well. That could lead to an accident. When you hear the brake wear warning anon-:1, have your vehicle serviced.

Continuing to drive with worn-out brake pads eould reault in entitllif brake repair.


Seine driving conditions or elimntea mug eanse a brake squeal 1when Ihe brakes are first applied or lightlyr applied. This does not mean something in wrong with your brakes.

See "Caliperflin uekle Maintenance inspection“ in Section 1' of this. manual under Part C “Pet-indie

Maintenance Inspections."

Properlyr rni'qued wheel nuts are nee-355m}- to help prevent brake pulsation. When tires are rotated. il'lhpfitil brake pads. l‘nr wear and eveniy torque wheel nuts. in the proper seq uenee to GM speeifi cations.

Your rear drum brakes: don't have wear indieattJn-i. but

if you ever hear a rear brake rubbing noise. have the rear brake linings; inspected immediately. Also. the rear brake drums should be remu vet! end inspected each Lime the Ell'tih are removed for rotation car changing. When you have the Front brake pads replaced. have the rear hruices inspected. to).

Brake linings: should always; be replaced as complete axle sent.

See “Brake System Inspection” in Section 7 of this manual under Part C "Pei-indie Maintenance inspections."

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