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‘When yuu dc] nL'L'd hrukr: lluld. use only DOT-3. brake fluid -- such as Deluu Supreme II" {GM Pm-I No, [3317'967L Us: new hmkc fluid trum u stifled L'untujnur {ml}:


0 Using the wrung fluid can badly damage hrake system parts. For example. just a few drops of mineral- based oil. such as engine oil. in 3'0 ur brake system can damage brake system parts su badly that they‘ll have to he replaced. Don‘t let snmeune put in the wrung kind uf fluid.

I If you spill brake fluid un yuur vehicle's painted surfaces. the paint I'inish can be damaged. Be Careful nut tu spill brake fluid

nn your vehiele. If you do. wash it off

immediately. See “Appearance Care" in

the Index.

Always. clean the hmke fluid reservnireup untl the urea urn-Land 1ht: cup hcl'urt' rct'nuving it. This I«kill help keep dirt from entering the J'eservnir.

1With the wrung kind [If fluid in yuur brake

System. your brakes may nut work well. or they may not even work at all. This euuld ea use :1 crash. Always use the proper brake fluid.


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