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Bra Ices Brake Fluid

Ynur brain: mmlcrcylindnr rniicn'nir ix hurt. it 15-: filled with DOT-3 l‘Iral-ce llnid.

ThL‘n: urn (nil): Iwn reaming; why Il'lE hr-‘ihe filllnl level in lhe rcHun'nir might gr- dnwn. The lira: i.~. than 1h;1 hnike fluid gush dnwn In an. uci'eptnhic level during nnrmul lamina- lining wuur. When new linings :1I'r: pm in. Ihc Fluid level guru hurl-c Lin. The niher reason I-‘i Il'lul iluid is leaking nut


of the brake 595mm. II' i1 lb. ynu should have ynur brain: :yxtnni fixed, sin-u: El leak 1113:1115 that sooner or Euler your lu'ukuh‘ wun'l work well. nr wnn'i wnrir. at all.

Sn. it isn‘l :1 good idea in "top off" yuur brake Fluid. Adding brain: l’luid won't correct a hank. if you add I'Iuirl. when yum linings are worn. than you'll I'l'd‘r'l: tun much Fluid when you get new brake linings. You shnuld add mr rtlnm'ul hruin: fluid. :15 nurtsunry‘. (inly whcn mark in clone [in ihe brake hydraulic fiysiem.

[f 311:: have tun much brake fluid. it can spill on the engine. The fluid will hum if the engine is

but enough. ‘i'nu IJr utllers could be burned. and your vehicle [-nuld he damaged. Add brake

fluid only when work is done an the brake hydra ulii.‘ system.

thn yuur brain: I'Iuid lull}. in u lnw Invrl. yuur brain: warning light will mm: Lin. A claim: will mum] il'yiJ-u [Ijr' [U drive with li'lllfi warning light on. Sen "Bruin: Systcrn Warning Ligln“ in 1he Index.

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