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Adding Washer Fluid _ N01 ICE:

0 When using ceneenlruled Washer :I'luiti. l'ullnw the nlanui'aetu rer‘s innlruelimm t‘nr adding water.

i Don't mix water with reudy-lu-use Washer I1uid. Water ean cause the solution to freeze

and damage your washer fluid tn nit and other parts of the washer sy‘xtemt Aim.

water doesn'l clean as well as washer fluid. Fill yuur washer fluid tank unly three-quarters I‘ull when it's t'erzr eold. This allows for expansien if freezing occurs. which eenlci damage the tank it" it is

Open the cap labeled WAN-[ER FLL‘ID ONLY. mm ““51”“? “'[L _ _ washer fluid ”mu ”1. tank 1-5. J'U”_ lion'l use engine emlant tantlfreezet In your windshield weather. It can damage ynur washer system and paint.


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