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Adding Coolant

It you ntud It'lttl't.‘ etrn-lunt. add the tamper DEX-COULIH

coolant mixture ur the contour Ft"t'r-'|-'(’t'_t tank. but be careful not to will it.

Turning the radiator pressure can when the engine and radiator are httt can allow steam and scalding liquids to blow out and burn you hardly. With the coolant recovery tank. you will almost never have to add coolant at the radiator.

Never turn the radiator pressure can -- even a little -- when the engine and radiator are hot.

You can he horned if you spill coolant on hot engine pa rta. Coolant ennlains ethylene glycol. and it will burn It’ the engine parts are hot enough. Don‘t spill ctr-ttlunt on a hot engine.

Radiator Pressure Cap


Your radiator cap is a Is psi 1105 ltPaJ pressure-type cap and must he tightly inatalled to

prevent coolant loan and possible engine damage front overheating. Be sure the arrows on the cap line. up with the overflow tube on the radiator tiller neck.

When you replace your radiator HEREIN? cap. a GM cap is. recommended.


Engine ermlztnt temperature it; etnttmlied by a thermmtat in In: engine enotant state m. The themrosmt stops the flow nt' eumlant through the radiator until the coolant reaches; a preset temperature.


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