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If you use an Improper molanl mixture. your engine could overheat and be badly darnaged. The repair cost wouldn’t he covered by your warranty. The much water in Ihe miflure can freeze and eraek the angina Tallifllfll". healer cure and ulher parts.

If you have in add coolant man: than four [hues :1 year. haw: your dealer check your cmling eye-rein.


II“ you use the proper Cfllflflflt, you don’t have In add extra Inhibitors or additives 1which claim to lmpnnre the system. These can be harmful.


Checking Coolant

1When your en gine is enld. the eeelanl level should be at FULL COLD er a little higher. When yeur engine is. wenn. Ihc [eve] sheuld be up In FULL HUI“ or a Link: higher.

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