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How to Add Fluid

Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine what kind of transartie fluid to use. See “Recommended Fluid». and Lubri came" in the Index.

H Li!!! fluid level is low. add only enough with: proper fluid to bring the level into the ernnx-hutehed area on the dipfilick.

1. Pull out the dipstick.

2. Using :1 long-neck funnel. add enough fluid at the dipstick hole to bring it to the proper level.

It doesn‘t [Like much Fluid. genemlly lens; than one pint “1.5 Ll. Don t ul'etffill.


We recommend you use only fluid labeled DEXRQNF-lll. because fluid with that label ls made especially for your automatic transnttle. Damage caused by fluid other than DEXHDN-IH is not covered by your new 1lrehilde warranty.


3. After adding fluid. recheck the fluid level as described under “How to Check.“

4. When the eorroL-I fluid level ix obtained. pueh the dipstick heel: in all the way.

Engine Coolant

The cooling system in your 1rehlele is filled with DEX-COOL"' engine coolant. This coolant is designed to remain in your vehicle for 5 years or lfillflllll miles [240 Ulll} ltntli whichever occurs first, it you add only DEX-COOL” extended life coolant.

The following explains your cooling system and how to add coolant when it is low. 11‘ you have :1 problem with engine overheating, see ”Engine Overheating" in the Index.

A Sum} mixlurc of water and DEX—COOL'E Coolant will:

0 Cii'ee Freezing protection down to —34°F t—ET‘C‘], Give boiling protection up to 265°F Il ETC}.

0 O Proteet against rust and corrosion. Iv Help keep me proper engine temperature. 0

Let the Wurning Iigth and gages work as they should.

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