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Checking the Fluid Level 1. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean reg or paper tuwel.

0 Park your vehicle on El. level plaice. Keep the engine running. 2. Push it hack in all the way. wait three seeeiids and

then pull it back nu: again.

a With the parking brake applied. place the shift lever in PARK (Pi.

I With your fun: up the brake pedal. mth the Shil'i lever through each gear range. pausing for about three seconds in each range. Then. position the shift lever in PARK (P).

l Let the engine run at idle for Ihree in five minutes.

Then. without shutting ul'l'IJ-u: engine. follow these Hleph'i

The lrtinsflilf fluid dipstick Enp is u mum]

lee-p and is next tn the . brake mum-r cylinder . Cheek bum sides of the (lipstick. and read the

behind the en gine block. lower level. The Iiuiel level must he in the craEH—ha'tchui area.


4-. [f the fluid level is in the acceptable range. push the dipeliek back in all the way.

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