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Automatic Transaxle Fluid When to Check and Change

A good time to check your automatic treusaxle fluid level is when the engine oil is changed.

Change both the fluid and filter every Sligflm miles (33 000 km} if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:

It In heavy city traffic where the outside temperatule regularly reaches 90°F {32°C} or higher.

t In hiiiy or mountainous terrain. $ When doing fi'equent trailer towing.

5 Lists such 5:- found in taxi. police 0: delivery service,

If you do not lute your vehicle under any of these: conditions. the fluid and filter do not require changing.

See “Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How to Check

Because this operation can be a little diff": cult. you may choose to have this done at your Buick dealership Service Department.

If you do it yourself. be sure to follow all the instructions beta. or you could get a false reading or: the dipstick.



The touch or loo little fluid can damage your trumaxle. Too much can. mean that some of the fluid could more out and full on hot engine parts or exhaust system parts. starting a fire. Be sure to get an accurate reading if you check your transom fluid.

Wait at least 30 minutes before checking the transaxlc fluid level if you have been driving:

I- When outside temperatures are above QED]: {32°C}.

t At high speed for quite a while. i In heavy traffic -- especially in hot weather. § While pulling a trailer.

To get the right reading. the Fluid should he at normal operating terripereuire1 which is lflfluF to 2DO°F (32°C to 93°C}.

Ger the vehicle warmed up by driving about 15 miles {24 km} when outside temperatures are above

50"]: {INC}. if it‘s colder than 5U°F {INCL You may have to drive longer.

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