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5. Replace. the air filter.

ei. erllh'iet" the rear hCClillll of the air cleaner

T". Reennnerl the electrical Connector.

3. Realtaeh the uir intake heme by snapping il baLL‘L unto

the [hrnttle hotly.

Refer to lhe Maintenance Schedule ten determine when In replace the an'r filter

See "Seheduted Minnie-nuns: Services" in ”it" index.

flpemting the engine with the air cleaner "if can eause you nr others in he burned. The air eleuner

nut only eleans the air. it steps Hume if Ihe engine backfire-5. II' it isn’t there. and the engine hackfil‘es. you could he hurned. Ilnn't drive with it el‘l'. and be careful wnrklng en the engine with the air cleaner 0““.


If the air cleaner is MT. :1 heeltfire can eause a damaging engine fire. And. dirt can easily get intn your engine. which will damage il. Always Inn e the air cleaner in plate when y'nn're driving.


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