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If none uflhem ih true. IJHC ll'u: lung fi'lpfihtghway maintenance schedule. Change the nii and filter ever}- Tfifll'l miles [12 500 km: 0r l2 mrmmt, -- whichever cur-cum first. Driving it vehicle with a fully warmed engine under highway ettnd'illtmr. cam-:35 engine nil

1:: hr: alt down slower.

{SEE “Change Di] 5mm ngh["1'n Utt: Index] What t0 Do with Used Oil

Did you know thul uxer] engine nil euntains certain elements that may he unhealthy for your skin and CDulEl even cause cancer? Dnn'l ch used ull slay tm your skirt for very long. Clean your skin and nails with snap and water. ur a 5-an hand cleaner. Wash or pmperiy throw away Clothing nr rags-t enntain'tng urtetl engine Ull. 13m: the menu faetlu'er'st wamlngé about the use and distrust-all ttl' oi] prutJUCLM

Used U“ can he :1 real lhreal Lu lht: cnvirnnmenl. II' you Change youruwn till, he HUFC It: drain ull lree—Eluwing oil from the filter hefnre diSpnt-itil. Don‘t In-‘crdispuse tJl' m'] by plllllllg it in the trash. pouring it on the gmund, lulu MEWIS rm. ur intu streams tar bodies nl' Witt-e r. Instead. recycle it by [raking it iv :1 place: that calla-1.x Used lfill. If you hurt: u nrn'hlcrrt properly dis-putting of ynur used 01'], ad: ynur dealer. :1 xert'ice thtlnn ur :3 Intel recycling center fur help.

Air Cleaner

The ujr cleaner and I'lltcr url: url lltL' ditt'er '3 side of the engine compartment.

!. Remove the accrue-M an the Mr cleaner hnuh‘lng um-ur.

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