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he shown in the chart. SHE IUW—Etfl is best for your vehicle. However. yen can use SAE SW—3t} ii' it‘s-t going in he enlder than we t [6°C] befnte ynur next nil change. When it‘s very cold. ynu :il‘tttLtitl use

SHE 5W—3U. Them: numbers [2H1 an nil container xhtiw its viscosity, nrthieknesn. Do nnt use other viscosity oils. such an SAE ZDW-fifl.


Use only engine oil with the American Petrnleurn

Institute Certified For Gasoline Engine-i “Sunburst" nymhfll. Failure to Lisa: the recommended all can resutt in engine da mean not covered by grunt warranty.

_. 'E _ . _ {1M Gan-Litt'reneh " I'Jll meeta all the requnements ltir ynur vehicle.

Il'ytJ-IJ are in an area where the temperature falls below 40°F 449°C}. ennsider using eifl'ter urn

SAE 5W—3D synthetic nil or an SHE DEV—31'! tail. BtJtl'l will pmvide easier colt] Hal-ting and better pm-tet'tiun for ye ur engine at extre :11er low tern p-eratures.


Engine flit Additives

[3th add anyihing tn ynur nil. Ytnlr dealer is read}r in

advise if you think mmething should he added. llWhen tu Change Engine Oil

lt‘any one of these in Lrue fur you. use the short tripteit}r maittlenttntte schedule:

I‘ Must trips; are less. than 5 to HI miles; iii to if: krni. This; is paniculttrly imponant when outside temperatures an: below freezing.

It Most trips. include extensive idling (such as frequent driving in ntup-and-gn traffic}.

I Must trips. are through dusty areas.

I Yen Frequently tow a trailer or use .1 carrier on [up at your vehicle.

I The vehicle is taxed fer tJr_'|iii.rt:r3.r nervice. police. taxi ttr tlll‘lL‘r Ettrnn'tereial applieatinn.

Driving under the FE L'DnLlllttJTIS cam-tea engine Oil It) break. down Hit-Liner. Name on: ttl'thet-tt: is true fur yuur vehicle. then you need it: change ynur nil antl tiller every llltlii milea {5 Hill] km] or 31nunth5 -— whiehthr oecunt first. [See “Change Oil Snnn Light“ in

the incleim

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