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The engine tail LleJbllL'L in right bE'l'liTILl the engine film. and in Irilnl ”1' lhi: engine nil fiii eup The mp nr'ihe LllPH-Tllllk is Ll round. yelluw luup.

Engine Oil

If the CHECK OI [_ LEVEL light on the inxtrument

CHECK Panel CONE-W ”n. it meant. ILl {Li check 1mtll' OIL LEVEL 3”” "it -

6'15”“: "HI lflel “5'“ “Wu?" TLII'JL elf The engine ill-[Ll give ll1L: Nil :1. l'ew minute: tt: drain hack mm the tail pan. ii' yuu don‘t. the tail dipxticl. might I'JUl .Hlluw

lhe actual level.

Fnr more inl'nnnmiun. see “Cheek {Jil lruel Lighl" in the Index. You Sl'lfllllLl check your engine nil level regularly: Lhi.» is .111 added reminder.

“'5 u gun-d idea it: check your cnglne nil every timt: 3-1111 get fuel. In order ten get an neem'ate needing. the uii mun: ht: warm untl the vehicle musl 1.1:: tin level gmund.


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