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ll~ you got gusolinvt1 on yourself and then something ignites it. you could be badly burned. Gasoline can spray out on you if you open [he

fuel filler cap too quickly. This spray can happen if your tank is nearly full. and is more likely in hot wen Lhe r. Open the Fuel filler rap slowly and wait for any “hiss" noise to stop. Then unscrew the top all the way.

Be careful not In spill gusttline. Clcun gasoline frum paintotl surl'ttcfl's us soon in: possible. See “CJL'unlng the: Outside nt'Ynur V'ohiclu" :in the Influx.

When you ptll the can buck un. turn it to the right lE‘lUCk‘tfl-‘lbcl until you hear u clicking sound. Make sun: yuu fully install the cup. The nliagnuslit: :iyhtttm can determine if the 1‘ou cup has been left off or improperiy installed. T his would allow that to et-uporute into the atmosphere. See “Mth'unuion intilutttnr Lump" 'tn the Index.

If you need a new nap. he sure to not the right 1y po. ‘I'our dealt-r can get one for you. If you get

the wrong type. it may not fit properly. This may on use your malfunction indicator lamp to light and. your fuel tank and emissions system may be damaged. Sue “Malfunction Indicator Lump“ in the Index.


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