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if your vehicle is oertified to meet California Emission Standards [indicated on the underlined emission control label}. it is designed to operate on fuels that meet California sporifiuations. if such fuels are not available in. states adopting California emissions standards. your vehicle will operate satisfactorily on fuels meeting federal specifications. butemissinn control system perfonnance may be affected. The malfunction indicator lamp on your instrument panel may turn on auditor your vehicle may fall a smog—e heck test If this occurs. retina to your authorized Buick dealer for diagnosis to determine the cause of failure. In the event it is determined that die cause of the con dilion is the type of fuels used. repairs may not he covered by your 1warranty.

Some gasolines that are not reformulated for low emissions contain an octane~enhancing additive called merl-iyleyelopentadienyi manganese tricarhonyl tMMTJ: ask your service station operator whether or not his l'uel contains MMT. General Motors doe: not recommend the use of such gasolines. II" fuels containing MMT are used. spark plug life may be reduced and your emission control system performance maybe ai't'eeted. The malfunction indicator lamp on your insu-ument panel may turn on. if this occurs. return to your authorized Buick dealer for service.


To provide cleaner air. all gasolines in the United States are now required to contain additives that will help prevent deposits front forming in your engine and fuel system. allowing your emission control system to function properly. Therefore. you should not have to add anything to the fuei. in addition, gasolines containing osygettates. such as others and ethanol, and reformulated gasolines may be available in your area to help clean the air. General Motors recommends that you use these gasolines if lltey comply with the specifications described earlier.


Your vehicle was not designed for fuel that contalns methanol. Don’t use it. It can corrode metal parts in your Fuel system and also damage plastic and rubber parts. That damage wouldn't he covered under your warranty.

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