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Your dealer knows your vehicle beet unti wants you to be happy with it. We hope vou'li go to your dealer for all your service needs. You'll get genuine GM 11311:; and fiM-tt‘ained and supported service pettpie.

We hope you‘ll Want to keep your GM vehiete uil GM. Genuine GM perm; have one. of these marks:





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Doing Your Own Service Work

If you Will“ to LiL'l HUITIC of your own service work. you'll want In IIM’ the proper Buick Service Manual. ll tells you much more about how to sen-ire your vehicle than this ll'lul'lllili eun. To order the prnper service nutnuai. see "Service and Owner Publicatio us." in the Index.

Your vehicle hue an air bag Hystem. Before attempting to do yourown service work. see “Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle“ in the Index.

You should keep a record with all ports receipts and lis: the mileage and the time of any service work you perform. See “Maintenance Record“ in the Index.

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