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If You‘re Stuck: In Sand. Mud. lee or Snow

What you don‘t want to do when your vehicle it: Httlek is in spin your wheels. tun fut-:1. The method known are "melting“ can help you get out when you‘re steel-z. but you must use eatutinn.

ll“ ynu let your tires spin at high speed, they can explode. and you or others could be injured. And. the transaxle or other parts of the vehicle earl

overheat. That euuld cause an engine eontpttrtment fire or nther damage. When you‘re stuck. spin the wheels as little as possible. Don’t spin the wheels above 35 mph {55 ltmt‘h! as shown on the speedometer.

Spinning your wheels eon destroy parts of your

rehiele rut well as the tires. If you spin the wheels tun font while shifting your transattle heel: and inrth, you can destroy your transaxle.

Fur information about Lining tire t‘ll'silllfi no your vehicle. we ”fire (‘huinit“ in the index.

Rocking Your Vehicle To Get It Out

First. turn your meeting wheel lei'i und right. That will eleur the urea around ynur front wheels. it your vehicle has tt'aetittn enntrul. you xhnuld turn the system tJl'I'. tSee ‘Trrtetion Control Syt-tent" in the indent Then ~thii'l hack and i'nrtl't between REVERSE. {R} and a forward gear. spinning the wheels: at. little as possible. Relenrte the accelerator pedal while you shift. and [tires-ix lightly on the ueeelet‘ator pedal when the trams-axle is in gear. II' thut dtresn‘t get you full alter a few tries. you may need to- he tnwetl out. If yuu tltt need to be towed out. Ree “Tttwing ‘t’nur 1'Ir'ehiele'1 in the index.


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