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Compact Spare Tire

AITJ‘qugil the mlnpaet spurs: lire wax full}- influted when yuur ve hiL'It‘. was H: w. it can lone air after a lime.

Cheek Lhe inl‘iutiun pressure regqurEy. ll xhnulii he

fail psi {420 Want.

Aficr installing the camps“ spun: nn your vehicle. ynu shfluld 510;: in. man as. lmsflhle and make sure your srh’tre tire is correctly inl'iatfd. The unalllpuel Spare I5 made In perfunn Iwell at speeds. up In 65 mph

t 105 Ian-Uh] fur dixtunees up In HAHN} miles [5 film km i. m ynLI can finiuh yum irip and haw yuur fun—sin: iin: repealed ur reputed where ynu want. Gt' cnun‘e, it'x hes: In replace yuur spare wilh :5 full—Hire fire 45-; mnn as; 3m“ can. Ynur spare wit] lust longer and be 'm gum h'JIup-C in case [mu need it again.


When [he Hump-act spare is installed. dfln't ink? your vehicle 1hrougil an autematie ear Wash wilJ: guide rails. The cumpuel'. HFHI’E can get caught on the rails. That can damage ihe tin: and wheel. and maybe nlher parts of yuur vehicle.

Don‘t um: yum" enmpaet spurt: an other L'ehicies.

A mi mm mix your emnpaet spare tire nr wheel with ther th‘ull-i ur Iirex. The 3' wun't fit. Keep your spare tire and its whee] together.


Tire chains wnn‘t fit your mm pact spare. Using them run damage your vehicle and can damage the chains tnn. Don't use tire chains on your

compact spurt.

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