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Storing the Fiat Tire and T0015 Snare 1hr 1131 tire as far flunk-mu iu the: mink as. possible. Sin": 1ch jack and wllccl munch in their hm 1n lhc trunk ml. the passenger'x‘ side.

Slit-ring a jack. a tire ur alher e-q uipmenl in the

passenger corn panmcnt of the vehicle could cause injury+ In ll sudden stop or wllision. 1mm.- equip men! L'I'JLlll'l 5171' In: sum tune. Stun: all these In the pl‘up-t-r place.

After ynu' we put 1hr: unmpnct Hpare tin: un 3mm \‘Ehiulu you'll nee-d [(1 5mm: the 11:1! fire in yuur trunk. Use 1h: i'iJEIwm-"rnlLr procedure Lu scrum: lhc Ila! hrc in the trunk.

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