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I3. Tighten Ihe wheel TIIJI.\ firmly in a L'l'il‘ihL'i'Uh-h sequence

lneurreel wheel nuL-t ur improperly tightened wheel nuts can cause the wheel to become loose and even eume tiff. This t'tlultl lead to an eerielenl+

Be sure to use the eerreet wheel nuts. If you have In replaee them. he sure tn get new GM original equipment wheel uuls.

Step semewhere its sum: in.- ynu run and have the nuts tightened with a torque wrench to Hill lhuf‘t { l-tfl N-m l.


Improperly tightened wheel nutsr can lead tu hreke pulsetiun and mtnr du mane. Te amid expensive brake repairs. evenly tighten [he wheel nuts in the proper seq uenee and In the prep-er turque epeeil’ieuliun.


Wheel enters wen‘I fit en 35qu eempaet spare. If yuu 1:1 to put il wheel rover on your compact

spare. yuu euuld damuge the enter ur the spare.

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