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m. Make sure each whuct HlLILl is ucmered in each wth-l hale whiiu tightening the nuts. Tighten crush nut by hand until the when! is hthl uguinn 1h»: hub.

Never use nil nr grease on studs ur nuts. I l' 31m do, the nuts might come louse. Your wheel could fall nfl'. ca using ll serious accid cnl.

3. Place 1h: tnmputf aim-1'13 tin: uu Ihe wheel-maum'mp Surface.

9. Replace The whccl mus wiih [ha rounded end of lhe nut.»- toward Lht wheel.

I I. Lower the vehicle by running 111: wtwel wrench [u Ihe lel'I IL'ULII'IIEI'CIOCk‘a'r'ifit] on the juuk. aner llu: jack camplclfi'l'y.


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