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5. Raisc lh: 'Ir'Cl'lllJlt L132 rumnng the wheel wrench 1n Ihe right (cln-ulcwin'cl in [l'lEjflL'lL Rain: Llli' vehiclu E..Lr enmlgh m [here's ennngh nmm Fnr 1h: 5:11am lira {u fit.

(1:. Rcmm'c all lhu whucl nub and lulu: U“ 1]“: Ilut llI'L‘.

-. Remm'c any rug: nr dtrl from the wh-cel hulls. mounting nurl'uucs and hFlllfl.‘ wllccl.

R1151 IJII" dirt an the wheel. nr un [he part. In which il is I'm-ileum]. can mam-1h;- whcel nuts llecume qusu after a time. The wheel would come off and causal: an accident. When you chnnge a wheel. Denim-e any rufil nr dir‘l frmn the places where 1h:- whetl attaches to :he vehicle. In an {Emergency} 3m: ran use :1 I:Inlh or u paper [mu-l [U do this: but be sun- lu use a scraper or wire hrush later. il'ynu need In. In get all the rail ur dirt uIT.


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