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3. Put the jack into a notch in the frame which is located near each wheel well. The front notch is ll] inches {25 em} beck l'rtn'n The front wheel well. The rear nnloh is B inchex [25 cm] Forward from thl: re er wheei well.

4. Position thejaek and raise the jack head untii it fit: firmly on the ridge in The vehicle's frmne nearefil The flat tire. Do not raise the vehicle yet. For the compact spare tire near you.


Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up is dangerous. If the vehicle slips off the jack. you could he badly injured or kiJJed. Never get under

a vehicle when it is supported only by ejnek.

Raising your vehicle with the jack lmpl‘upflt‘ij' positioned can damage the vehicle and even make the vehicle fall. To help avoid personal

injury and vehicle damage. be sure to fit the jack lift head into the prope-r location before raising

the vehicle.

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