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. Il'yuur vehicle has wjre wheel covers. remme them as follows:

Using [he I'lal end all 111: key wrench handle. helwecn the wire wheel cover and the center cap. pr}- efl' the center cup.

l. USA: we wire wheel key wrench In lemme 1he

wheel weer. Remnve the

theft-deterrent nut. by placing the key end of the wire wheel key wrench ever 1he nut and luming ll [U the la“.

Pull till the win: wheel enter. Stare it in the: lmnk 11ij The flat Lite is repaired n1" Teplueed.

anez When replacing [he wheel em-er. carefully line up the tin: valve stem ilI'ILl. 1he nnluh l.|l the wheel cover.


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