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Turn the ceultr retainer hall The hm; that httll'fi" the jack on Ii'll.‘.H'|'1.'1l'I'..' Ilrc unwr ID the and wrunull LL n11 [I‘m [an ICHUHIEI'NUE‘k wiwl m pus hang-er with: trunk wall I.

rernm'u h' Upen Ihl: hm and than

remm-c the wing huh by hurling ii tn "1:: lui'l lunu1itcrcluckwisr: b.

Llf'l and remove Ihe Lm-‘Er. Sc: "(fumpucl Spun: Tlru" Iulur in [hih ht‘JL‘Iiil'IEI fur mare illfm'mauiun “hunt The

cmnpact HFHFC Rulnm—‘u IhL'JuL'k and wheel w1't‘I1L‘h.

Renmwc The spare tin;- t'1'um The trunk.

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