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If :1 Tire Goes Flat Changing a Flat Tire

It‘s unusual fore tire to "blow out“ while you're driving. it a tire goes flat. avoid further tire and wheel damage especially ifynu maintain your tires properly. It. air goes by driving slowly to a level place. Turn. on your hazard out of a tire. it’s mueh more likely to leak out slowly. warning flashers.

But if you should ever have a “blowout." here are a few tips about what to espeet and what to do:

If a front tire fails. the flat tire 1.yill create a drug that pulls the vehicle toward that side. Take your foot oil' the

accelerator pedal and grip the steeri rig wheel ti rmly. Changing a tire ean eause an injury. The vehicle Steer to maintain lane position. and then gently hmke to can slip ufl' the jug]; and roll over you or “thet—

31 5T0? WC“ DUI 0f the [raffle “1'13- people. You and they enUJd he badly injured.

A rear blowout. particularly on :1 curve. acts much like a Find a level place to change your tire. To help skid and may require the some correction you'd use in a prevent the vehicle from moving;

skid. In any rear blowout. remove your foot from the l. 521““ parking brake firmly.

aceelerator pedal. Get the lIl'ehide under control by 2 Put "In shift IE‘FEI‘ I'll PARK I'P} steering the way you want the vehicle to go. It may he ' '

very bumpy and noisy. but you can still steer. Gently _ brake to a stop -- well all" the road if possible. T0 hf E‘r'i‘l'l I‘I‘lfll‘t‘ Ct'l'tall'l the Whittle “'0 n’t move.

you earl put blocks at the I'rnnt and rear of the tire farthest away from the one being changed. That would he the tire on the other side of the

vehicle. at the opposite end.

3. Turn off the engine.

“'3 tire goes flat. the next part 511qu how to use your jacking equipment to change it fiat tire safely.


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