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Heater and radiator hoses. and other engine parts, can he very hot. Don‘t lunch them. If you

do, you can be burned.

Don‘t run the engine it‘ there is a leak. “you run the engine. it could lose all coolant. That could cause an engine fire. and you could be burned.

Get any leak fixed before you drive the vehicle.

The coolant level should he at or above 111:: F'L'LL NOTICE- E'DLD mark.

II' it isn't, you may have a leak in the radiator hosefi, Engine damage from running your engine

heater hoseH. radiator. water pu mp or somewhere else in without coolant isn't covered by your warranty. the cooling syfitem.

1t" Lhcrc Hccms to be no look. with ihc engine on. Check to He: il'llu: electric engine cooling limit are running. [Film engine is overheating. both fun: should be running. if they aren't, your vehicle needs service.

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