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If No Steam Is Coming From Your Engine

it' you get the overheat warning but see or hear no steam. the problem mayI not be too serious. Sometimes the engine can get a little too hot when you:

O Climb a long, hill on a hot day. Q Slop afler high-speed driving. 0 ldle for long periods in traffic. 0 Tow a trailer.

[f you get the overheat warning with no Sign of steam. try this for a minute or so:

I . Turn off your air conditioner.

2. Tom on your heater to full but at the highesl fan speed and open the window as necessary.

3. If you're in a traffic jam. shift to NEUTR AL [N]: otherwise. shift to the highest gear while driving -- AUTOMATIC 0V ERDRWE {iii} J or THIRD (3).


If you no longer have [he overheat warning.

you can drive. Ju5t to be safe. drive slower for about It] minutes. if the warning doesn‘t come back

on. you can drive normally.

[f the warning continues, pull over. setup. and park your vehicle right away.

If there‘s still no sign of steam. you can idle the engine For two or three minutes while you're parked. to $134.: if the waming slope. But then. if you Still have the warning. turn off the engine and get anemone out of the vehicle until it cools down.

You may decide not to lift the hood but to get service help right away.

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