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To help m'uid injury In you he ulhers: A 1(ehiele can fall from in ear carrier if it isn't

I Never let passengers ride in a vehicle that is adequately 59'3“"3‘1- This '3‘" cause 3 wllisiun. being towed. serieus pe rsenal injury and vehicle damage. The Never tow faster than safe or posted speeds. yehiele shuuld he tightly seeured 1with chains In"

Never tow with damaged parts “01 steel cahles h-el‘ure it is tram-:purted. {ally see-tired. Don‘t use substitutes trap-es. leather straps. Never get under your vehicle after it has eaneas webbing. elm that can he cut by sharp been lifted by the tow truet-t. Edges underneath the tum-ed vehicle. Always use I Always se:ure the yehiele an each side with T—lauuks inserted in the T- heel; sluts. Never use separate safety ehains when towing it. J-hmks. They will damage drivelmin and I Neyer use J-hooks. Use T-hooks instead+ suspensinu rnmpnnentfi.

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