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. Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt across you. Don't let it get twisted.

. Push [he latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.

Pull up {In the hitch plate tu- make sure iT. is secure. If the belt isn‘t long enough. see “Safely Beit Extender" it! the end at" this seetiun.

Make sure the re]ease button on Lht: buckle is positioned so you would be able lu unbuefle the safetj,r belt. quiekiy if you ever had to.

The iap part of the belt should be were low and snug on the hips. J'ust touching the thighs. In :1 crash. this applies force to the strong pelvic mine-s. And you‘d be less likely to slide under the lap belt. If you slid under iL, us: belt would apply force at your abdomen. This Clmld cause serious 01' even fatal injuries. The shoulder belt should go fl‘t-‘CF the shoulder and across the chest. These pans of the bud}- are best able to take belt restraining forces.

The saIety bell luck-ts il'there-‘s :1 sudden stop or crash


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