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Towing Yfllll' Vehicle When the towing service urr'iVL'h. let the Itiw operamr knew lhul this manual euntains detaited towing

Try to ha)": *1 dale] ur 3' 9’0““ij brim-E “CW1“ '0‘” instructions and itiustmtiens. The uperatur may want it! your vehicle. See' Readstde Assistance in the index. EL. them.

If your vehicle has been changed or modified since it was factory-new by adding aftermarket items like Fug 13111135.:1em skirting. or special tires and wheels. these instructions and illustrations may nut be current.

Eefere yen «in anything, turn on the hazard warning flashers.

When you call. leil the towing service:

I That your vehicle can uniy be tnwed with certain. equipment. as described later in this section.

D That your vehicle has fmm—wheel drive.

I' The make. model and year of your vehicle. It Whether you can sliii move the shift letter. I

if there was an accident. what was. damaged.

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