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. Get the vehiclee chm: ennugh hll lhejurnper cable}; can reach. bnl he sure the vehicles uren': teneliing each nlher. If they are. H cnuid eause :3 gmund ennneetien you don't n—qu. Yen Mauldn‘l be able In yuur vehicle. und 1h: hell gmunding enuhl damage the eleeirieal Lyme-ma.

Tn an-nid Ilie pi'lbfill‘lilll} of me uehiclex ruiling. set me parking brake firmly can but}! vehiclen invuived in the jump marl pmcedure. Put your ulllnlnniie [I'anmxle in PARK lPi hei'ere setting the

parking bmke.

_ Turn nf’r'lhe ignition on both vehicles. Unplug unnecessary uceeswries plugged arm: the cigarette lighter. Turn cilif n3! lamps Ihu1 nren'l needed a.» well Elk radian. Tllih will amid hpin'ln'a ElllLl help Ran-e I'Jmh hum-flee. 1n utlIJIIII'L'ITJ. it could uni-e yuur radlu‘.


If you leave your radio nn, it could be badly damaged. The repairs wuuldn’l he envered by your warrant}.

-l. Uri-en 1hr: hmidn and innate the batteries.

An electric fan can start up even when the engine

iii not running and can injure yum. Keep hands,

elnthing and reels away from any underlined electric fan.

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