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Backing Up

Hold the bottom of the steering wheel with one hand. Then. to move the trailer to the left. just more that band to the left. To move the trailer to the right. move your hand to the right. Always back up slowly and. if possible. have someone guide you.

Making Turns


Making very sharp turns while trailering could

cause the trailer to term: in contact with the vehicle. Your vehicle could be damaged. Avoid making very sharp turns while u-eilering.

When you're turning with a trailer. make wider turns Ihan normal. Do this so your trailer won’t strike soft shoulders. curbs. road signs. trees or other objects. Avoid yerlty or sudden maneuvers. Signal 1well

in advance.


Turn Signals When Towing a Trailer

When you tow a lrailer. your vehicle may need a different turn signai flasher andror extra wiring. Check with year Buick dealer. The green arrows on your instrument panel will flash whenever you signal a turn or lane change. Properly hooked up. the trailer lamps will also flash. telling other drivers you're about to turn, change la has or Stop.

When towing a trailer. the green arrows on your instrumcnl panel will flat-eh lit-r turns even iI' the bulbs 0n the trailer are burned out. Thu s. you may Ihini-t drivers behind you are seeing your signal when they are not. it's important to check occasionally to be sure the trailer bulbs are still working.

Your vehicle has bulb warning lights. When you plug a trailer lighting system into your 1rehicle's lighting system. its bulb warning lights may not let you know it" one of your lamps goes out. So. when you have a trailer lighting system plugged in. be sure to check your VEl‘llClE‘ and trailer lamps from time to time to be sure they're all working. Once you disconnect the trailer lamps. the bulb warning lights again can tell you if one of your 1:ehicle lamps is out.

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