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Three important considerations have to do with weight:

0 the weight of the miller. I the weight of the Trailer tongue

I and the total weight on your vehicle's i'iTEH.

Weight of the Trailer How heavy can a trailer safely he'.’

It should never weigh more than 1.000 iha. {450 kgi. But even that can be too heavy.

It depends. [1-11 how yttu plan to Luge your rig. For example. Speed. altitude. road grades. outside temperature and how mueh your vehicle he used to pull a trailer are all important. And. it can also depend on any special equipment that you have on your vehicle.

You eat: ask your dealer for our Lrailering information or advice. or you can write 11.: at:

Buick Motor Division.

Customer Relations Center 902 E. Hamilton Avenue Flint. MI 43550

In Canada. write to:

General Motors oi‘Cunatia Limited Cuatolner Communication Centre IQIJH Colonel Sam Drive

Oshawa. Ontario Ll H 8P7

Weight of the Trailer Tongue

The tongue load 1A} of any trailer is an important weight to measure because it affects the total or great weight of yuur vehide. The Croat-t Vehicle VII-”eight {GVWJ includes the curb weight of the vehicle. any earge you may carry in it. and me people who will be riding in the vehicle. And if you tow a trailer. you must add the tongue load to the GVW because your vehicle will be carrying that weight. inn. See “Loading Your Vehicle" in the index for more information about your vehicle‘s maximum load capacity.


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