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. Tie a red eluth in your vehicle to alert police that you've been stopped by the snow.

0 Put an extra cluthing or wrap a blanket around you. If 3’0” have no blankets 0' “”3 “lnthingr “1"“ body Snuw can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle. ineulalura t‘rum newspapers. burlap bags. rags. flour mutt —- anything you can wrap amund yuumell' nr tuck under ynur cluthing Lt} keep warm.

This can cause deadly CD {cat-hon munuxidel gas to get inside. (20 enuld :wereume you and Itill you. You can't see it or smell it. en yuu mighl nut know it is in your vehicle. Clear away snow Emu:

around the base of your vehicle. especially any that is hlucking your exhaust pipe. And check areund again fmrn time tn lime to be sure snow doesn't eulleet there.

Open a window just. a little on. the side of the vehicle that's away from the wind. ’l'th: wlll help keep CD out.

Ynu can min the engine to keep warm. but be careful.

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