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Winter Driving

Here are mm: lips fnr winler driving: 0 Have your which: in gum! shape for winter.

I You may want In put winter emergency supplicx in yum trunk.

Include an ice mrnper. 13 mm” brush nr bmnm. a supply of windshield wuhhcr fluid. a rug. 50 In: winter miter ciulhing. a limit" shunt]. u. I'lzurhlight. u l't‘JJ- cloth and ii cnuple nt'rufieciive warning triangles. .3511de yuu WIII he :iriving under severe unndiiiunr‘, inuludi: a ritual! bag of hand. a piece nt' nld carpet nr a couple nl' burfap bags 11.1 help pru‘v‘idc [furl ii‘bIL. BE HIII'E [mu l'n'npefly .mcurc Lime items in your vehicle.


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