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If you drive regttlorlg,r in eteep country. or if you're planning to visit there. here are some tips Lilut out] make your trips safer and more enjoyable.

I‘ Keep your vehicle in good shape. Cheek til] fluid levels and also we hrokes, tires. cooling xylem and transoitle. These parts can work hard on mountain roads.

l Know how to go down hills. The most important thing to know is this: let your engine do some of the slowing down. Shift to a lower gear when you go down a sleep or long hil[.

[f you don't shin elonrn1 your Molten euutd get so hot that they wouldn’t work well. You

would then have poor braking or even none going down a hill. rYou could crash. Shift dot-m to let your engine assist your brakes on a steep downhill slope.


{Toasting downhill in NEUTRAL {N} or with the ignition MT in dangerous. Your brakes will have to

do all the work. of slowing down. ’mey eould get no hot. that they wouldn't work well. You would then have poor broking or even none going down a hilL You could enoh. Always have your engine running and your veluele in gear when you go downhill.

Know how to go uphill. Drive in the highest gear imisihle.

Stay in ynurown lone when driving or: Iwo—lane roads: in hills or mountains. Don't swing wide or cut neroso the center of the road. Drive at ape-eds that let you sing; in your own lone.

As. you go over the top of :1 hill. be alert. There emit! he something in your lone. like a mailed ear or an accident.

You may tree highway Sign on mountains that warn of opteiol miblerns. Examples-i are long grodex, poet-ting or no-ptesi-ting mm. :1 felling melee men or winding mail-t. Be ulen to then: end trike appmpiiate action.

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