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The exit speed is usually posted.

Reduce your speed according to your speedometer. not to your sense of motion. After driving for an y distance at higher speeds. you may tend to think you are going slower “1:111 you actually are.

Before Leaving on a Long Trip

Maire sure you're ready. Try to be well rested. If you must start when you're not fresh —- such as after a day's work -— don't piun to make too many miles that first part of' the journey. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily drive in.

15 your vehicle ready for a long trip? If you keep it serviced and maintained, it‘s ready to go. lt'il needs service. have it done before starting out. Ut'eourse. you’ll find experieneed and able service exports in Buick dealerships all. across North America. They'll be ready and willing to help if you need it.


Here are some things you our: check before a trip:

'- Hindshield Washer Fluid: Is the reservoir full“? Are all windows clean inside and outside?I

Wiper Bludej: Are they in good 511:1ch

Fuel. Engine Oil. Either F Iuidr: Have you the: keel all levels?

I Lamps: Are they all iirorltiujg'.JI Are the lenses clean?

O Tires: They are vitally important to a safe. uouhleal'ree trip. Is one tread good enough for longvdistanee driving? Are the tires all inflated to the recommended pressure?

0 Weather For-acorn: What's the wealher outlook along your route?I Should you delay your trip a short time to avoid a major storm system?I

| Maps: Do you have up-lo—date maps?

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