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City :J'lFiVil'lg Here are ways In illcrtut-ic )rnur safety in city driving:

0 Knuw the best way to get to when: you are going. Get u city map and p]an your trip into an unknnwn part of “It: cityjust an. you wmfld for a crostt-counu'y trip.

0 Try- Iu Luau th: freeways that rim and crisscmss mus-I large cities. You'll save time and energy. {See the next part. "Freeway Driving")

0 Treat a green tight as a warning signal. A traffic light is.- there because the center is bIlh'jf cnnugh In need it. When a fight turns green. and just hefura you flair! to mow. cheek both ways for vehicles mat have not cleared the intersection ur mug.r be runningr the reul light.

One of the biggest pmbtcrm. with city streets is the amount of traffic an Ihum. Ynu‘lt wan: tn watch out for whul the other driven am.- dning and pay tttte mion ILJ traffic ejgnals.

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