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Hydrnplening is dangerous. So much water can build up under your tires that they can actually title on the water. This can happen if lite road is wet enough and you're going fast enough. When your which is hydroplaning. it has: little or no contact with Ihe road.

Hydroplaning doesn‘t happen often. But it can if your tires-r do not hate much tread or ii'thc pressure in one or more is low. It can happen ifa ltit til‘wuter ir-r Handing on the road. If you can see reflections from trees. leJephone pales. er outer eehicies, anti raindrops “dimple" the water's surface. there eouid he hydropianing.

l-lydmplaning usu 21:111.r happens at higher speeds. There juxt ien‘t a hard and that rule about hydroplaning. The best advice is to Slow down when it is raining.

Driving Through Deep Standing Water


If you drive too Iquit:lt]_‘tr through deep puddleti or standing watert water can come in through your engine's air intake and badly damage your engine. Never drive th rough water that is slightly

lower Item the unrlerhod].r of your vehicle. If you can‘t avoid deep puddles or standing water. drive through them very slowly.

Some Other Rainy Weather Tips

I Besides Elm-sing down, alluw HUTl'IE extru following distance. Arid he especially careful when you post. another vet-ride. Allow yourself more clear room uherul. and he prepared [II have your view restricted by mad spray.

0 Have good tires with proper tread depth. tSee “Tires" in the [ndett.r


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