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Driving in Rain and on Wet Reads

Rain and we1 mud}: can mean driving trmlhte. On a we! mm]. yflu L'un'l Mun. uL'L'cicrflh: nr [um :15 well hecnusr yuur tire-{unnad traction ir-n'L an pond an: nn dry roads. I'm-j. tt'ynur lircr. dnn'l hum: much lIfl'Hfl JUI‘L you'll get even 1:: 55 traction. lt‘a atwnys wise to 30 sh: war and be Ciilllil‘rIJH il' rain stuns in full while guru an: driving. The surface may get wet eanddenly when your :‘afiexcs :n'a 11:11:34.1 1hr driving um dry pavement.

The heavier the rain. The harder it is m nee. Even it'ja'uur wmdbhicld napflr Wales are in good shupr. n heavy rain can make it h:1rderln.~.ee mud Rigl‘ll-i und lral'i'lc signals. puvmnunl markings. the ad ge of me mad and even penple walking.

It's wine In keep your windshield wiping equipmenl in gnu-L1 thpl: and kucp yuur n-InIJHhiL-ld wthur tank filled with WEIHhL‘l’ fluid. Replace ynur windshield wiper imm'ts when they show .nglli oi'slrcnking or missing man}; nun Ihc windshinld. nr when strips niirubhur sun In ~:.I:*]'.I..'3J'..'1LI;: I'rnn'J lhl: inhL‘Ilh‘.


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